About us

Haiti has a vast repertoire of spices and the way we use them will excite your palette and will make you want to come back for more. Get a taste for local ingredients and learn about the history of the venues and the people we will meet.
The best part of my tours will be about the social impact you can make while visiting those communities. They will start in the capital, Port-au-prince, with a typical Haitian lunch at one of the most reputable eateries in the city. The next day, a Haitian brunch concocted by one of our partner chefs will be served at a cozy restaurant. Then we will leave the capital to travel to the south coast where you will see beautiful beaches, eat grilled seafood and share stories. When we arrive in Jeremie, you will be welcome with a picnic by the river and the next day you will learn how to make tomtom, a Jeremian delicacy that is eaten with hands like fufu. 

The initial reason why I started this blog was to expose what I ate as a college student. Then it spiraled into me incorporating Haitian spices into my dishes and wanting to share my culinary journey with everyone. When I graduated, the whole purpose of the blog changed. As I am going through life, I am discovering more and more about food and I am falling in love every second of every meal.

I am not a chef, I am just a food enthusiast who loves to take pictures and taste any dish that comes across me.

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts and my events.


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