Back to basics



One of the most important things that you should keep in mind when you  are cooking is hygiene. Can you imagine hosting a little party and the next day everyone from that party has food poisoning? What a shame, right? Well here are some of the most basic hygiene rules:

1- Before and after handling any ingredients, you should wash your hands especially after raw fish, chicken and beef .to properly wash your hands, you should apply water and soap and scrub for a good 20 seconds then rinse and air dry or dry with a paper towel. Remember, hand sanitizer is not useful when hands are visibly dirty and doesn’t eliminate all types of germs. Also wash the surfaces you will be cooking on.

2- The average cooking temperature is 165F degrees,  so make sure you cook your meats veggies and any other ingredient properly. Cooking temperature varies by food type. Stay tuned, i will be posting a chart about it soon.

3-Properly and totally defrost a dish before cooking it again.

4-Before serving a chicken dish, make sure its blazing hot. Raw chicken has harmful bacteria.

5-Do not leave food out at room temperature any longer than two hours.Bacteria can multiply between 40 and 140F degrees.

6- When grilling, use separate plates for raw and cooked foods.

7-Using a microwave, refrigerator or cold water is a better method to thaw food without contaminating it.

8-Do not buy foods that are in bulging or dented jars. They may be under processed and contaminated.

9-Always wash your produce even if you plan to peel them. Bacteria can be transferred from outside to inside when cutting or peeling.

10-When you are at the grocery store, make sure your meats are separate from all other produce or items as their juice can contaminate them.


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