Unexpected national cabbage day


I visited my best friend in Montreal this weekend and so many unexpected things happened. One of them was food related and I loved it. We wanted to make pork chops, baked penne, lettuce salad and fried plantains. Two of our friends were suppose to buy the pork chops and the ingredients for the salad on their way to the apartment. Instead of getting lettuce they bought us cabbage! No panic. Cooking is meant to be fun and spontaneous (to me), right! So we googled a recipe and found one for butter pepper cabbage. I am bad at following recipes, most of the time I go with my gut and use whatever spices or measurements I feel like. Easy recipe: I made butter cabbage but did not use just pepper.  I added Adobo ( I know most Haitians put it in everything), onion powder, dry parsley flakes, and about two tablespoons of butter. You can add the amount of spice that pleases your taste buds. Of course you will not sprinkle the whole bottle but be moderate. I covered the saucepan and let the cabbage steam down over low heat for a good thirty minutes. DO NOT add water because your cabbage will get soggy. image (2) Unfortunately, I do not have a video or pictures of just the  butter cabbage but this is just to remind you that cooking is really versatile. Do not panic if you picked a wrong ingredient, there is always another alternative. The best part about this unexpected side dish was that it was national cabbage day! Isn’t that cool! Do you have any funny stories where you picked a wrong ingredient and everything ended up working fine? Share your experience with us!  You never know,  we might learn something from it.


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