Curry rice with green beans and corn

DSC_1159 pic monkey

2 cups of rice

1/2 cup of green beans

1/2 cup of corn

1 cup of coconut milk

2 cups of water

2 tablespoons of olive oil (you can substitute it for your choice of oil)

2 piece of bacon to replace the roll of andwi* I used

Curry powder**

Garlic powder**

Chili powder**

4 cloves

1-      Cut your bacon into pieces and fry them in a medium pot on medium heat. Add your olive oil to the bacon.

2-      Add your green beans, corn, cloves, curry powder, garlic powder and chili powder. Let them fry for 10 minutes.

3-      Add the coconut milk to the mix then add your water. Bring it to a boil then add the rice. Mix it for about 5 seconds then cover the pot. After 10 minutes, reduce to low heat and let it simmer until the rice is tender, 20 to 25 minutes. Keep checking on the rice as you will be stirring it occasionally.

*Andwi is a fermented lard in a Haitian pesto mix and salt for about a month. It is used to flavor foods such as diri kole (rice and beans), sos pwa (bean puree), mayi moulen ak pwa (polenta with beans) and much more.

**you can add the spices to your taste.



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