Eat your beauty foods

beauty foods

One of the things I use to take for granted was the sun. Growing up in Haiti, the sun was always out and I use to complain about the heat all the time. Granted, it gets really hot and steamy and not everyone likes that. Here in the United States, even if the sun is out, it is really cold most of the time. So we really get to enjoy the sun for two seasons, if not one depending on how you like spring’s temperature when the sun is out.

Now, when I can smell the earth, feel the sun on my skin and the spring breeze all around me, I think of how much I love the sun! I would have never realize that if I haven’t experienced another country’s climate

Summer just knocked on our doors and I’m sure everyone is excited to show their radiant skin. Why not? It’s the greatest season to flaunt your glowing skin or do you think you are not ready to show it yet? Are you one of those people who buy expensive lotions and creams to repair your dry, brittle skin? Do not get me wrong, you need body lotion to hydrate your skin so please do buy lotion. To keep your skin youthful and glowing though, you can also eat!! YES EAT! Everything comes back to food I’m telling you. Eat your beauty foods. I was going to write eat your beauty foods ladies, but men can eat them to. After all both men and women have skin, right? Isn’t it awesome that we can eat pretty and healthy at the same time? Here’s a list of what you can eat to get beautiful and radiant skin and be healthy at the same time.



This fruit is highly nutritious and packs several beauty benefits. It is high on vitamin A that clears the skin of dead cells. It also contains antioxidants that prevent toxins from aging the skin. The vitamin E in avocados moisturizes your skin and it is recommended to drink avocado juice if you have dull and brittle skin. Keep in mind you can also use avocado to cure sunburns.

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They are a good source of antioxidants, which protects from premature aging and soften skin. It can reduce or normalize oil level in skin that can decrease acne.

You can eat them as your snack, put them in your smoothies or yogurt or pie.

Tip: you can also puree:

A handful of blueberries

1 cup of brown sugar (will exfoliate your skin)

The juice of one lemon (will brighten your skin)

To make a mask that will revive your skin.

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Most moisturizers contain a lot of water which leaves your skin dry after it wears off. Coconut oil, just like vitamin A, removes dead skin cells and leaves it soft. It’s a deep moisturizer. Besides applying it directly to your skin, you can add it to your salads, green tea and smoothies.

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A myth in Haiti is that chocolate gives you acne, which a young girl should stay away from. FALSE! Dark chocolate contains flavonol, a type of flavonoid, which has many health benefits. It is an antioxidant and from the previous produce, you already know how beneficial antioxidants are.

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Kiwis has Vitamin E, which is known to reverse aging skin. Quick fact about kiwis: they should not be mixed with dairy products as it will be unsuitable for consumption.



Do you have dark spots, acne or pigmentation? Well lemon PEEL can help clear those out. Lemon peel contain citric acid, which help purify blood vessels. It also removes impurities from skin cell. You can consume the peel by adding it to your puddings, throw it in your meats braising liquid, dry and save it for tea. You can also add it to your body scrub, add it to your homemade makeup remover or mix it with honey and apply on your face for 5 minutes.


I can go on and on about what you can eat to beautify your skin and your health. Keep in mind a good diet helps your skin as well. So whenever you are eating remember why you are eating: because you want to be healthy and beautiful inside and out 🙂



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