Breakfast in Nicaragua

I was a Public Health/Medical Brigader in Nicaragua for nine (9) days and it was the most amazing experience in my entire life. Not only did I have  the opportunity to help people in the Nicaraguan community, I also took advantage of their cuisine. I  ate every meal that they served me for breakfast, lunch, and dinner without being picky about the ingredients.. When I researched what the Nicaraguan diet consisted of, their main culinary staple was corn. However, I did not eat corn one single day. Our meals were fueled with starch. You will note that we ate eggs every morning, they are just cooked three (3) different ways: scrambled, poached and omelet. They also served us CUAJADA every morning, which is nothing but a precipitated milk and casein. It was a salty and bitter cheese. I asked around about how they made the cheese and I learned that it was nothing but milk and vinegar. They would add vinegar to the milk and drain the mixture into a cheesecloth. The precipitate formed would be your cheese. Fascinating right!


Here are some pictures to show you how the Nicaraguans fed me 🙂


DSC_0233-pic monkey

Pancakes,cuajda, banano y huevo


Gallopinto, huevo, corn tortilla ,cuajda and crema


Torta de huego con cuajada, crema and papaya


Gallopinto, huevo, corn tortilla , cuajada and crema



Huevo, corn tortilla , cuajada ,crema and pina


Stay tuned to see what i ate for lunch.


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