Lunch in Nicaragua

On my journey in Nicaragua, everyday at noon, our supervisors would bring us a packed lunch on the compound where we were working. They also had a vegetarian option, which was awesome.  It was always a delicious warm cooked meal.

On our last day of the public health brigade, we finished early so our supervisors rewarded us by going to the restaurant where the food came from. It was a nice cozy little restaurant in the middle of Jinotega, Nicaragua. DSC_0648-pic DSC_0644-pic DSC_0645-pic

Here are some pictures of my lunches.


Aguacate, chuleta de pollo arroz y platanitos fritos


Fideos con salsa de carne, pan, tomates nd pepino


fideos con salsa, pan, tomates nd pepino (VEGETARIAN OPTION)


Chuleta de pollo, arroz, platanitos, guiso de papa


Vegetarian option


Alitas de pollo, arroz, tortilla,papas cosidas en salsa de crema and verduras


Pollo, papas, arroz y verduras


Carne de res, verduras, arroz y platanitos


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