Eat healthy


Hello everyone,

As the new year approaches, many people will make healthy eating habits a goal and this blog post is about guiding you through your healthy eating journey. I changed my eating habits as soon as I graduated college ( yay for me)  but you shouldn’t wait to start.

You can choose to use this list if you are moving back into your dorms or at home, It doesn’t matter. Use it as a grocery list and make the choices that suits you best.

A healthy habit to start, try drinking 8 cups of water (8-ounce glass) or more every day. That amount is recommended for everyone, but keep in mind that depending on your lifestyle, health and how active you are, the amount may vary. You should know that your body weight is 60 percent water and every system in it depends on water.


This food chart should help you decide, depending on your goals, what is the healthiest for you to consume.

Vegetables Fruits Proteins Fat Dairy/ Yogurt Grain/Starch
Great Fresh and frozen vegetables. Any fruits. Beans, egg whites, chicken, fish, lentils, tofu, turkey. Avocado, natural peanut butter, nuts, olives, olive oils, seeds. Eggs, 1% milk, low fat plain yogurt,  skim milk, soy milk, low fat-cheese, Beans, whole grain breads, brown rice, corn, whole grain cereals, peas, potatoes.
good Canned vegetables, vegetable juices and sauces. Fruit juices, fruits canned in juice. Lean beef, lean pork, and lean veal. Vegetable oils and vinaigrette dressings.(2 tablespoons per serving Bagels, refined breads, refined cereals, crackers,
Be careful Deep fried vegetables. Fruit candies, fruits canned in syrup, fruit drinks, sweetened dried fruits. Fatty beef, hot dogs, luncheon meats, pre-made hamburgers, fatty pork, sausage. Bacon, butter, cream base salad dressings, low-fat spreads, margarine, mayonnaise, processed nuts, regular peanut butter. 2% low fat milk, whole milk, low-fat sweetened yogurt. Cake, hard candy, sweetened cereals, chips, cookies, chocolate, fat free desserts, sweetened drinks, french fries, ice cream, soda.

Great: Food you can eat often everyday

Good: Healthy food you can eat everyday

Be careful: Food you can eat after considering the amount you ate from

that group




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