Be careful what you wish for

The content of this website is mine alone and does not necessarily reflect the views of the U.S. Government, the Peace Corps, or the Ethiopian Government.


I’m starting this blog post with a cliché: Be careful what you wish for because you just might get that wish granted. This means that you might desire something and unforesee the consequences. They may be pleasant or unpleasant and often times people dream about something, say it out loud but don’t ever think about how it will affect their lives. During my undergraduate senior year, the only thing I could think of doing right after graduation was to volunteer in any country in Africa for maybe three to six months (besides moving back to Haiti). Given that my major was Public Health and international experience is crucial, I thought of all the possible ways I could to afford a trip to the African continent and find a volunteer opportunity. There are several companies that offer those opportunities but they seemed inaccessible to me due to cost. After talking to my career advisor about my desire to go abroad, she recommended that I attend a Peace Corps information session and meet with the regional recruiter to talk about how I can launch my international career. I am very grateful that I made time to attend that information session because that same day, I applied for the Peace Corps and three months after I received an invitation to serve as a Community Health Volunteer in Ethiopia.

Application process:

• April 22h 2015: Application submission

• May 30th 2015: Interview request

• June 10th 2015: Peace Corps interview

• July 16th 2015: Peace Corps Volunteer invitation

• January 9th 2016: Staging event

• January 12th 2016: Departure for Ethiopia

I am currently writing this from Addis Ababa, where I will be staying for two weeks. After those two weeks, volunteers will move in with a host family for two months. After April 1st, we will officially complete our training and swear in as volunteers and we will be moving to our own place where we will stay for two years to serve.

So, dear followers, I will not be blogging about my experience. I am keeping a journal for myself but I will be blogging about Ethiopian food and culture. As long as I have internet connection, I will post about anything that I eat or just taste. I look forward to learning how to cook some traditional Ethiopian dishes and share with you.

Its 10:21 pm, I am going to bed. Good night/Good morning!

Dinknesh = You are wonderful


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