About us

The initial reason why I started this blog was to expose what I eat as a college student. Then it spiraled up into me incorporating my Haitian side to my dishes and wanting to share my culinary journey with everyone. When I graduated, the whole purpose of the blog changed. As I am going through life, I am discovering more and more about food and I am falling in love every second of the day. 

I am not a chef, I am just a food enthusiast who loves to take pictures and taste any dish that comes across me. For some, when people talk about food the first thing that comes to their mind is a cozy restaurant or a bar at the corner that sells amazing wings or this complicated recipe that takes forever or just fast food. The idea of making a whole meal scares people away from their kitchen and they rely on the vast variety of fast food chains out there.I actually don’t like to eat out, I love to make my own food. I experiment in my kitchen and learn from my mistakes. 

I learned how to get comfortable in my kitchen and I tackle any recipe with a mix of my Haitian roots. 

I hope you’ll enjoy my posts!


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